Custom Design

The possibilites of creating a Mawu Aquasac are unlimited.

Using the very simple, ergonomic ancient waterskin design and combining it with modern material, local craft, upcycling, social enterprise, emerging designers, illustration, collaboration, open source, imagination, carrying water is beyond convenient, it’s sustainable and fashionable.

We have used shweshwe fabric, PVC billboards, Zimbabwean crochet artists, upcycled denim jeans, re-used polypropylene rice bags. The options are only as limited as the imagination.

custom-denim custom-nice custom-arrow custom-sheshwe
Upcycled Denim Upcycled Polypropylene sacks
Upcycled PVC billboards
Carbon d’Afreeq
Shweshwe Spirit of Africa

The pattern will soon be made downloadable so you can create your own.