Word of mouth

Sally Grierson stress-tests the Mawu Aquasac at Everest Base Camp

“Official Report: Awesome! Mostly handled the conditions. I can tell you that it does freeze – although not as much as everything else. At -20°C almost everything is frozen. You have to sleep with cameras etc in our sleeping bag to prevent those from freezing. Even clothes freeze. I admit I didn’t think to try the handwarmer things in the Aquasac, which may have solved the problem. In the lower slopes – other water bottles froze but MAWU didn’t.. Not sure of exact temperatures but my guess is that it was about between – 10C and – 14 C that was freezing point (or partially frozen). Other water bottles were frozen SOLID (as you can see from the picture!). Mawu warmed up pretty quickly if placed close to the body (and there is not a lot of frozen stuff you want close to your skin!) So Mawu was the fastest solution to getting water for the day!!! Actually the toughest thing was the plastic drinking spout… that took the longest to unfreeze! ”

everest1 - mawu sml everest - frozen water sml everest - base camp1

Samantha Keller from Connecticut, USA

“Rocking the Long Island Sound at Weed Beach, Darien CT yesterday . Kept the water beautifully cool on a very hot day! 90 degrees it was – about 33C”.

sam on Long Island Sound