25 Years of Debris

This is a great infographic honouring World Ocean Day on 8 June. Quite a tip we’ve created in the Ocean. Over 117000 kitchen appliances?25-years-of-debris-collected_50b87867bbec6_w618

Blouberg Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanups on the 1st Saturday of every month. 10am in Blouberg, Melkbos, Milnerton and Strand. Twitter – @Bloubergbc

Checkout the facebook page for more info – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blouberg-Beach-Cleanup/253261181354816


Penn and Teller’s take on bottled water

This is brilliant! An absolute must watch. We see American entertainers Penn and Teller exposing the bulls@%& we are made to believe about bottled water.

In one of their tests, 75% of people picked New York tap water in a blind taste test.

They ask the question: “Why would people pay such a premium for bottled water? Is it all in their minds?”

They then created the worlds first water steward in a top LA restaurant and the result is hilarious.