Aquasac Neoprene Black + bladder

The Mawu Aquasac
Is the walking, talking, hiking, styling, surfing, sailing, beaching, birding, golfing, gaming, exploring accessory for the conscious generation.



The Mawu Aquasac is the most comfortable way to carry water on-the go. Based on the ancient waterskin it was designed to fit ergonimcally into the shape of the human body allowing for flexibility of movement and ease of use.Water on the move, hands-free. The original Mawu aquasac is made from neoprene (wetsuit material) which functions as an insulator to keep water cool even in the blazing African heat.

Length: 350mm
Width: 230mm
Thickness: 30mm
Weight: 115g
Material type: PET / PA / PE lamination sheeting
Colour: Black
Audience: All
Model: NEO001
Home and Living type: Outdoor


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