Recycling a pair of old jeans

We’ve had a lot of fun recently exploring different ways to make a Mawu Aquasac! The cool thing about the aquasac is that there is as much potential for carrying your water as there is for carrying, well, anything else. Because we’re not limited by the confinements of plastic, aluminium or glass, we can be as creative as our imagination allows us.

We’ve always love the concept of upcycling. Upcycling increases the lifespan of a product, reduces the use of material, and saves on the cost of recycling. And nothing beats the effects of converting an old pair of jeans into something else, and that can’t be achieved if you cut from fabric by the yard. Recycling jeans into new looks creates a fab statement about personal style and freedom. Presidents and prime ministers wear it, yet it’s still a rebel fabric, a badge of workers. A totem of anti-establishment cool, denim is the most democratic of fabrics.

And denim can hold its own against the usual suspects in terms of meeting the basic functional requirements of insulation.

With many people becoming more apprised of what they consume and how they dispose of it, why not convert your old pair of favourites into the walking, talking, hiking, styling, surfing, sailing, beaching, birding, golfing, gaming, exploring accessory for the conscious generation.

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